SSRS Maps Issue: Bing Maps not loading in PBIRS/SSRS

SSRS Maps Issue: Certain people started facing this problem in SSRS/PBIRS where we are not able to load existing reports where maps are integrated. In this article I will give an idea where on how I fixed this issue. Recently I have faced this issue and the things which I tried to fix this issue are listed below.

SSRS Maps Issue

We will see different method in this article on how I tried to fix this issue please follow this step from method 1 for better resolution.

Error Details:

SSRS Map issue

Method 1

Check logs:

Go to SSRS log files and check if you get any kind of errors/statement. Sometimes we will have straight error on why this error is happening but in my case I did not any kind of error or problems in the log files.

Then I have enabled Verbose logging for PBIRS and checked for some error or exception but did not find anything. So, follow this below article TO ENABLE ADDIDTIONAL LOGGING in SSRS/PBIRS to get more in-depth details about the errors.



Why to upgrade?

All the features/bugs/updates will already be present in the newer updates/patches so once you download and install the latest patch/update it will by default enable the required TLS

Please check for any version upgrade or patch updates. If you are not sure what version you are currently using, then you can visit this below article for all list of versions and updates. You can also download directly from Microsoft Website.

Link to check versions:

image 6

Method 2

Check the behaviors in Report builder, if you have power bi report builder or Microsoft report builder then open the same report and check whether it is working or not?

image 7

The reason why I am saying is because we need confirmation that the issue in either in the report or SSRS/PBIRS. Suppose if in the report builder it did not work out then problem could be something else.

Also please check this below document for any changes or updates in integrating the maps. If you don’t want to make any changes, please create one new sample file with this below document to check the behavior.

Link to create Maps:

Method 3

You can also check by opening the report in Visual Studio SSDT tools and check whether it works or not? As you can see that I have opened the same RDL file in Visual Studio.

If you are not sure on how to open RDL/Paginated Report in Visual Studio, then you can follow this below article to install and configure SSDT tools.


Method 4

If you see in the below image the error message seems to be reading the connection problem and this error is not showing in the logs or verbose logs. Also, if you the ERROR message at the top and when we RUN the report which is integrated with Maps, we get error saying the same and if we search more then we come to know that at the backend SSRS/PBIRS will use TLS of different versions.

We follow this below Microsoft article to enable the TLS versions, the reason why suddenly it happened because Microsoft enrolled bulk disable or end of support for TLS lower version such as TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 etc.

  1. Beginning of this month Microsoft has clearly stated that TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 will be deprecated slowly with newer windows updates. SSRS/PBIRS follows these protocols in the backend. When we checked the TLS 1.2 by default disabled, so we have enabled by following this below document and the Maps started working without any issue.
  2. Since we are using SSRS old version, we will suggest you upgrade to latest version.

All the features/bugs/updates will already be present in the newer updates/patches so once you download and install the latest patch/update it will by default enable the required TLS.

Enable TLS?

Link to enable TLS:

Open the above link and you can find this information in depth and shown below! This below image is for enabling TLS 1.2 through “Registry Editor.”

Enable TLS

Enable TLS PowerShell?

This below screenshot on how to enable through PowerShell script. Run PowerShell script with Admin Access and run this below command. You can find this below command by above link.

image 11

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