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Policybazaar Agent: Becoming policy Bazaar agent doesn’t mean that you are policy Bazaar broker. we have significant difference between POSP and broker code. This article I am showing you how to create POSP account on PB partners. where you can get unlimited commissions on whatever insurance you sale.

POSP/Insurance Agent

If you know what the policybazaar market does, then the policy market provides you different varieties of health insurance, bike insurance, vehicle insurance and all the other insurances. So now what do you do with it? For more visit site by clicking here!

See here, by becoming their point of sale person and becoming an agent, whatever you earn after creating your account, you will get commission on it, you can earn on it. Now see what you have to do, first search for PB Partners here.

Earn Money Daily

The reason why you can on a lot of money from PB partners is because they have the biggest share market for India when it comes to any kind of insurance additionally, they have the best work management facility where you can walk any time you want and earn money. There is no restrictions on this.

The best part of this PB partner says you can earn money without doing any kind of investment. Also, if you’re stuck somewhere or you have some issues, you can directly contact to policy Bazar customer service for any kind of help or information information about the policies.

Policybazaar Agent Registration

Step 1: If you want to sign up, then look here above for Policybazaar Agent Registration, you will see the option of register, then click on register here!

Policybazaar Agent

Step 2: If you have to provide mobile number then you can enter any mobile number here, it is not necessary that it should be registered with your Aadhar card, yes but you will not have to do KYC etc. I will tell you further.

If you click on Sign Up, OTP will come. Enter OTP etc. Click on Verify OTP.

Policybazaar Agent

Step 3: Now as you click here, you will see the personal details. Whatever name is there in your PAN card, you have to give the same name. Do not give a different name because verification will happen later. Provide your email ID here. Enter the PIN code in whatever city you live in and mention your date of birth here and you will get the referral code in our description.

Policybazaar Agent

Step 4: See, you have to provide the PAN number and the name is already there on the edge. Select the individual category and click on Verify PAN.

Policybazaar Agent

Step 5: Now as you click here, you will see that you have to upload the PAN card, then after that partner photo (any) You upload a photo and then see your highest education.

Policybazaar Agent

You can see after that click on submit, now click on submit!

Step 6: The icon will be visible on the top of website, you have to click on the profile icon and proceed further.

Policybazaar Agent

Now I will tell you one more thing here. Now before clicking on, whatever steps I am following here, you can do the same steps in the mobile application also, there is not much difference, the only difference is that this will be in horizontal and that will be in vertical

Step 7: Enter name and all this will be by default. Enter father name. Enter marital status. Enter gender. After entering PAN card, after entering date of birth etc., if you have GST number, you are associated.

Policybazaar Agent

Step 8: Next, I will click on the second details, this is our communication details, in this your primary number and email will remain as it is, you cannot change it, if you want to enter the secondary email here then you can enter it and see the primary address here, then the address is here, you should take care of this.

Policybazaar Agent

Step 9: I click on Next, now after this see that you have to give bank information, now see here also, whatever bank you are selecting, make sure that its check book should be with you because here you have to upload canceled check book.

Policybazaar Agent

Step 10: Coming to the professional details, here you will be asked some things, see primary insurance product, health, motor life, travel, you have all this here, so there is no need to worry, select any one as per your requirement, in which you are interested in a little bit

earn money daily

KYC Doc?

Step 11: Here you have to upload the complete details, your PAN card is already uploaded as I was telling you, you have to upload canceled cheque book, see in my case, I have uploaded here whatever bank. Look at the account and address proof given as I was telling you, Aadhaar is not supported.

earn money daily

You will also see that there is a red color mark on it, it is mandatory, without it you cannot go ahead, then among these are PAN, canceled check book, address proof, highest education, partner photo, all these things are mandatory, if the rest is not available, then it will be fine here.

Step 12: This does not mean that you have to start again, no, your KYC has been completed, it is showing 100% profile complete, that means you do not need to do anything, now after that you go to your home page.

I have put it here, now I click on submit, now what will happen to you if you click on submit, again you will go to the home page, on the home page, that is, on the first page of KYC, on the page of basic information, but you do not have to worry.

earn money daily

As I was telling you, you just have to click on the option of Profile Complete here. If I go back, I will go back and show you here, it is completed on 80 because I have not submitted it but in PV Partners when When you submit, what it does is it takes you back to the home page.

KYC Issue/Problems

I am an agent on Turtlemint Pro also but let me tell you one thing, if you are already an agent in some company or somewhere you already have an IRDIA account, then I will tell you that you can pay here from some other account, that is, from someone else’s.

You have to open an account here with number or Aadhar card, PAN card, because you will do it from the same account, which means if you are already an agent in some company, then your account will not be activated,

earn money daily

Once you upload all this below documents from your previous company then you can become successful posp at policybazaar.

earn money daily

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One thing to keep in mind is that whenever you create an account, make sure that you already don’t have any kind of IREDA account from that PAN card, Aadhar card or you know, for the last number of months and years. While working, nothing should be linked to it, insurance related, partner related, now see here, I click, I will show you what he is asking, click here, now like click here, see POS NOC. You are asking me, NOC means No Objection Certificate, so who is my previous employer?

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