One Credit Card Money Transfer: Get Loan or Amount in Bank Account

One Credit Card Money Transfer: The people who are really in need of money and have one metal credit card can avail this money transfer from One credit card to bank account directly. Follow all the steps mentioned below with all images and proper explanation to avoid any confusion.

One Metal Card Money Transfer

Before we proceed to avail the loan or money from the card make sure you have offers available if not it is not possible to get loan or money from credit card.

Many other banks such as HDFC, IDFC, AXIS, RBL, DBS, ICICI, SBI and KOTAK provides this facility to the customers as Loan on Credit Card Offers, but if you look closely, it also works same as Loan on Credit Card, but One Credit Card Team is giving this offer as Direct Money Transfer to any Bank Account.

Steps To Get Money:

Step 1: Open your application in your phone (no matter what phone you use, one card app is available to all the platform). The application looks like this below image and if you don’t have one credit card, you can refer this one card website for Information about it:

one card app

Step 2: Once you open the app, you can directly click on the profile icon which is pointing in this below image. Sometimes the same option will be available at the hemiscreen itself.

One Credit Card Money Transfer

Step 3: As you can see in the below image once I click on the profile icon at the below of the card section, I am getting this “Avail cash instantly in 3 simple steps.”

One Credit Card Money Transfer
Note: If you can’t see this option then scroll down and you will find the whole menu on “One Cash“. If you are not eligible then it will notify you once you will be eligible on one cash.

Step 4: I have pre-approved limit of 1 Lakh rupees where I can transfer all my amount into any Bank account, but the problem is that I can only transfer the amount which included the Interest amount and GST’s. One done click on avail and proceed further.

One Credit Card Money Transfer
Note: Suppose I have to transfer 1 Lakh then my approved limit should be more than the limit. If I took 1 year as tenure and that 1-year tenure amount will charge 16,000 then my approved limit should be around 1.20 Lakh, then I can transfer amount up to 1 Lakh.

Step 5: Select the amount you want to transfer and choose where you want to spend it, the spend category will not increase or decrease the interest charges on the EMI tenures. so, you can select any of the options and proceed. further.

In my case I will take loan of rupees 60,000 to make you understand how it works and also selected the category as well!

One Credit Card Money Transfer

Step 6: Now in this window we can see that we have multiple options to re-pay the one cash amount. Select the option which you are comfortable with and if you want more time or tenure then click on the More Options Below.

One Credit Card Money Transfer

Step 7: Once you select More Options from the menu then here all the options will be available to re-pay your loan amount. The time period to re-pay your loan amount will be max up to 36 months.

One Credit Card Money Transfer
Note: The interest amount will increase based on the tenure you choose or select from the above list.

Step 8: At this step your details summary will be shown and please cross the check the option you have selected because once you select and proceed then you cannot make any changes once the amount is credited into Bank Account.

One Credit Card Money Transfer
Note: My monthly EMI will be 20,468 and the total interest I will pay is around 1,405+GST as well!

Step 9: At the last step it will ask for your account number in which the amount need to be transferred. You can choose the existing bank account number, or you can add new account from the below options.

One Credit Card Money Transfer
Note: Once you click on proceed the amount will get credited to your selected Bank Account and it will reflect in your bank with in 5-10 minutes.

One Credit Card Money Transfer Video!


I hope I was able to show you all the steps regarding the One Cash Money Transfer on the one card app. If you have any doubts or conclusions, please feel free to comment down below. The loan amount will be transferred to your preferred bank account or if you want to do through UPI even that option One Card will provide you!

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