Delete Facebook Page: Option To Delete FB Page/Account

Delete Facebook Page: Page keeps playing with their user regarding the deflection of the FB page, always the FB page deletion option will be vanished/disappeared after some times.

Delete Facebook Page?

You might be aware that it will always move to different menu or option pages if you want to delete the page. In this article we will see how we can delete the page from FB App step by step.

Step 1: Visit your Facebook profile and go to setting icon or profile icon at the top or down as you can see in the below image. Now I have logged in with Vickey Rajpoot account. I want to delete my “Lets Play Vickey Account”. I will on the arrow mark to select the profile.

Delete Facebook Page

Step 2: Once I click on the above arrow mark to switch the profile then I will select the page which I want to delete, as you can see that the page, I want to delete is shown Lets Play Vickey Account.

Delete Facebook Page

Step 3: As you can see that now the required page is selected and now, I will proceed further to delete with the FB page account. The ultimate goal of this step to be on the page which you want to delete, once you are on the page, please select the next option and proceed further with the next step.

Lets Play Vickey Account

Step 4: Now, here if you scroll down to the last you will find Access and Control” option just click on that to proceed further with the deflection part. Now this option is not available or visible then this time FB has moved this feature option under some other menu, just navigate all the menu to get this option.

Lets Play Vickey Account

Step 5: As you see here, we got this deactivation and Deflection option in this page, just select the required option which is suitable for you and proceed further with the deletion of the account.

Lets Play Vickey Account

Step 6: Both the options will be listed here either you want to delete or deactivate the FB account, in my view I want to delete the FB account so I will proceed with the 2nd option as you can see in the below image.

Delete Facebook Page

Step 7: Now here we are getting option to re-direct to my main account so I will go ahead and proceed with my admin account. The reason why it is asking me to go this R Singh account is because under this I have created Pages, and the “Lets Play Vickey” pages is under this account, so it is asking me too re-direct. Click on continue to delete the account.

Delete Facebook Page

Step 8: At the last step as you can see in the below image that I have re-directed to my main account and all the pages with the account list is visible here.

Delete Facebook Page
Note: The top it is written that the account or pages associated with the Page will be deleted but I am not sure it will get deleted because I have never tried this option and as you know in the above image it is asking to continue further for the deletion of the account.

For more information you can also visit Facebook Page: this article will also directly help you to delete the account.

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I hope you were able to follow the instructions mentioned in the to delete any kind of Facebook Account or Page If you have any other information to provide with this article, please feel free to comment down below which will help users to understand the Facebook account pages and accounts. For any questions comment or DM me on social media handles or you can also comment on my YouTube channel.

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