IDFC Credit Limit: Manage Your IDFC Credit Card Limit

IDFC Credit Limit: In this article we will see the how to manage or have setting of Limit modification. Please follow this article if you have any concern about credit card, this article is only applicable for IDFC Bank credit cards.

IDFC Credit Limit: Manage?

The reason to make this article is show you that IDFC bank will not offer when it comes to Limit modification in the credit cards.

Step 1: So, once you login to your IDFC bank app then at the top menu you can find “Credit Card” section, just click on that and list of credit cards options will be available at the bottom of the page or below the credit card.

Now, if you see in the below image I can see “Card Control” Option just click on that to make any modification in the credit card changes.

IDFC Credit Limit: Manage

If you are not seeing this option at the home page of credit card section, then you can probably go to setting or services to find this option. Also, I have multiple credit cards and no matter what card we select the feature or option will be same in all the possibilities.

Step 2: Once you click on and we will be redirected to this page now here if you focus on these below options, then you will realize that we don’t have individual control on the settings.

The control option is available for overall credit card limit because if we make any changes in the daily limit that will also affect all other limit as well.

Now suppose if I change the limit to 5000 in daily limit, then the limit for International, Contactless, ATM, online & POS transaction. We will see that in next page.

IDFC Credit Limit: Manage

Step 3: Now here if you see I have made changes in the Daily Limit and the credit limit is also being changes automatically. There is no option to cap the limit in the IDFC app credit card section/menu. It is self-explanatory that the limit setting is throughout globally on the credit card.

Once I change the limit to 50,000 as shown in the below image then my all transaction will be capped to 50k. The contactless limit from RBI is 2000 and this will not be changes when you change the daily limit.

idfc limit change
Visit IDFC site for more info:


The IDFC Credit Limit modifications is global unlike managing or having individual control in all the above setting. The control like International, Contactless, ATM, online & POS transaction cannot be monitored separately. Other bank credit card like ICICI, SBI, HDFC and many more have modification settings for all the field mentioned above.

If you really want to modify or set limit, then you can do it at the time of use and later once done you can modify the same limit again. Now if we have furthermore queried or concern comment/reply down below so that my viewers can take it forward. I hope the article was very much helpful!

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