IDFC Rewards Redeem: Credit Card Rewards Point Redeem into Amazon pay!

IDFC Rewards Redeem: IDFC FIRST Select Cards variants, which is free for a lifetime will be a good choice for people looking for high rewards and Visa Signature privileges. The card will initially be offered to existing customers by invitation only.

#1) Definition?

In IDFC bank credit cards for each and every purchase you make with any kind of credit card, reward points are deposited to your card account. The reward points may differ/varies from card to another card and depending on how much you spend with these cards. Hence, if you want more vouchers or revert points so always look for upgrading your spends or enhancing your spend limit so that you can get unlimited rewards.

#2) IDFC Rewards Redeem redeemed?

Each time your card is swiped for a purchase, you get reward points. Usually, for every Rs 100 to Rs 250 that is charged from the credit card, the cardholder earns one point. Also, the higher the value of your purchase, the more points you earn and vice versa.

Step 1: Open the app and go to the home page and click on the Credit Card as shown!

IDFC Rewards Redeem

Step 2: At the below you can see “more about rewards points”

IDFC Rewards Redeem

Step 3:You can see Redeem your points option click on that.

IDFC Rewards Redeem

Step 4: On the home page, you can see your rewards points balance, scroll down for Vouchers

>>If you want you can search at the top, for vouchers you want

IDFC Rewards Redeem

Step 5: I will select an amazon pay voucher for redemption, as shown below.

IDFC Rewards Redeem

Step 6: Select quantity according to your rewards and click on update Cart.

IDFC Rewards Redeem

Step 7: Click on the cart icon and proceed further. Magic agency in the below image, the number of reward points is being redeemed and the amount associated to the reward points will be displayed below.

IDFC Rewards Redeem

Step 8: Enter Your Details. Please provide your basic details by default. All the details will be filled but if something is missing, please fill it and proceed further.

IDFC Rewards Redeem

Step 9: Click on pay with points. All the summary of the reward points will be stated below. Please check carefully and if there is any changes, go back and do it.

IDFC Rewards Redeem

Step 10: As you can see in the below image that I have successfully submitted for redemption of my reward voucher and it has been placed on the IDFC website and soon I will get my voucher quotes on my email or register mobile number

IDFC Rewards Redeem

Step 11: As you can see in the below image, I have got my confirmation message of redemption of ₹6 67 on my IDFC first bank credit card and also the confirmation of this revert points will be sent to my email address. So please check the email for further more information or query.

IDFC Rewards Redeem

#3) Watch for more!

#4) Caution/Remember?

  1. The number of times you continue to use your credit card to make online purchase or any e-commerce purchase or any other website where you are purchasing any kind of products then the reward points will get generated and collected into your IDFC bank credit card and as and use it at a time. For more:
  1. Note: suppose if you are not doing redemption of your reward points to vouchers or coupons, then you have to pay a minimum fee of ₹99 plus GST as Service Charge and this amount will be added in your monthly bill cycle.

#5) Conclusion

This article would have been very helpful for you to redeem your reward points into cash or voucher as explained in the above steps. please make a note of the points which are mentioned above. Like there is no expiry date of reward points in IDFC bank credit cards, unlike SBI,Axis, HDFC, ICICI Banks.

Make sure you are aware of the charges which you’re going to pay if you’re not doing redemption of voucher or coupon as mentioned in the above step. The charges is fixed no matter what reward points you are going to red but each time you try to read your reward points the amount will get added into your credit card bill monthly cycle.

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