Change mobile number in EPFO/UAN: In 5-Simple Steps!

Change mobile in EPFO

Change mobile number in EPFO: When it comes to UAN or EPFO, we are familiar that if our mobile number is not updated Then you will not get any update if you are PF amount is getting credited to your UAN number. So, as you know that you are number is the unique number for each employes. If employer deposit PF amount or any other amount into your UAN number and if your mobile number is updated, then you will get a proper detail about the account update.

Follow the below steps to change the Universal Account Number (UAN) is Employee Provident Fund (EPF) services which is operated by EPFO. Accessing your PF account services like withdrawal, checking EPF balance without employer help, and PF loan application. This article gives you everything about your Universal Account Number mobile number in your UAN profile.

Steps to Change mobile in EPFO

As you can see above, a detailed complete video of YouTube has been provided. So, if you are confused or if you have some other queries, you can watch that video for better clarity.

Step 1: Search for EPFO and open the first link as shown or directly click on this below link to visit EPFO portal to change Mobile Number.


Step 2: Select For Employees Option. You can directly search for UAN login for employees to update mobile number and you can directly go to the next.

Change mobile in EPFO

Step 3: Click on Member UAN. Member UAN specifically for employees who are working under some IT sector or any employer, which is associated to EPFO.

Change mobile in EPFO

If don’t have your UAN number?

You can follow this link to get your UAN number in just simple clicks. Also, if you want to update your email ID, there is one more link in the box. You can also open that and follow the mentioned steps to change your email ID. If you have any concern or question, please comment it down So that we can take it forward.

Step 4: Login with UAN & Password.

If you’re not aware of your password or UAN you can direct directly click on the above link to get your UAN number and down. You can find how to reset your password or change, e- mail ID or phone number as well.

Change mobile in EPFO

Step 5: Click on manage option. Manage option will have your profile details such as email ID, mobile number, profile details and pan details as well.

Change mobile in EPFO

Step 6: Select Contact Details. Here you can find multiple options such as basic details basic details will have your mobile email, bank account and details and nomination is under nominee and if you want to check your KYC details, you can check on KYC Tab.

image 11

Step 7: Click on change mobile number

Change mobile in EPFO

So, if you have not updated your mobile number in your UAN number then follow this below steps and you will be able to update your mobile number in simple steps. All these below steps have been given with all the images so that it will be easily understandable. If you are stuck at some point, you can also watch our YouTube video which is Embedded with this post in the last.

Step 8: Enter the new mobile number you want to change

Change mobile in EPFO

Step 9: Click on validate mobile number

Change mobile in EPFO

Step 10: Validate Aadhar registered mobile number

image 15

Step 11: The mobile Number Change was successful

Change mobile in EPFO
Note: Your mobile number is successfully updated and the confirmation message will be seen on the screen itself in the highlighted points as shown in the above screenshot.
Watch for more!


We saw in the above steps how can we change the Mobile Number, so this is important Because if you don’t update your mobile number, so all the new updates are conversations related to UAN account will not get any update. Suppose if the employer credit your PF to your UAN number, then you will not get an update if your mobile number is not updated. So kindly please update your number into your EPF or UAN number as mentioned all the steps above.

If you have any concern please comment down below or if you want additional help farmers, you can directly follow us or DM us on our social media handles will contact you immediately.

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