ICICI Credit Card Limit Increase In iMobile App – 3 Clicks!

ICICI credit card limit increase? In this article, we will see how we can increase the credit limit in ICICI bank credit cards. This blog post is only applicable. Once you get an offer from ICICI bank regarding credit card limit, increase as you can see in the below screenshot or image.

Also, if you want to manually increase your credit card limit, then you have to upload some document or make a request by calling to customer care.

ICICI Bank Credit Limit?

In my case as you can see, I have pre-approved offer to increase the credit limit of my credit card from 70,000 to 2,20,000. We will follow some simple steps here in iMobile app which is powered by ICICI bank where we can manage our bank account. Details with all loans and credit card offers.

Ways to increase credit limit with ICICI Credit Cards, you can refer this link for more info about credit limit increase!

Icici Credit Card Limit

How I got this offer? This is my first credit card, and it was based on my salary account. So recently I have joined private firm. After that I applied for this ICICI bank credit card, so I got a limit of 70,000 initially which was last year but after using it for seven months, I got an offer to increase the limit, so I really use this card.

ICICI Credit Card Limit Increase?

I have one more credit card which I have recently applied Flipkart axis bank credit card with a limit of 30,000 and that is from past three months. This is the scenario I am concerned about my credit card how are use it and when I got this offer of limit increase.

Step 1: The first step I will suggest you to open your iMobile app and in the homepage itself, you can find this option of cards or also you can scroll towards right at the top of the screen to change from one account to another, such as bank account, credit card and loan account. So if you select anyone of the option as mentioned in the below image or screenshot, in my case as you can see it is “Cards and Forex”

icici credit card limit Increase

Step 2: In the second step, this all the cards will be listed as you can see if you have multiple credit cards, it will be listed here. In my case I have only one card so I will select the first credit card as you can see. It is ICICI bank credit card which is powered by Amazon pay.

icici credit card limit Increase

Step 3: As you can see my credit card homepage is visible here with all the details such as my credit card details with validity, name and also type of card which I am holding right now.

Now if you see in the homepage itself, there is manage limit option or suppose if you have credit limit increase option then you will get an option here to increase the credit limit. In my case as you can see it is managing limit so I will click on manage limit and proceed further.

icici credit card limit Increase

Step 4: In the fourth step as you can see, I am eligible for free credit limit increase up to 2.2,00,00 and I will be showing you how to avail this offer in a mobile app. Suppose if you are not getting an option to increase your credit limit then you Are not eligible for credit limit option. In my case as you can see my previous limit was 70 K and I am getting an option to toggle the button towards right side to increase the maximum limit that is 2.2 L.

icici credit card limit Increase

Step 5: So now I will toggle the button to maximum that is 2.2 Lakh and also I will increase my spend limit to 2.2 Lakh. After all the things or set up, then you can click on submit at the bottom to proceed further.

icici credit card limit Increase

Step 6: In this tab, you can see you will get an confirmation of the limit increase as your set up in the above option. As you can see in my case the current limit is 70 K and the new limit is going to be 2.2 lakh. Also, my current spend limit was 70 K and the new spend limit is 2.2 lakh.

icici credit card limit Increase

Step 7: in the last step, you can see that I got a success message here on my screen stating that my new credit limit is 2,20,000 according to the mentioned offer in my message. Now I am good to use this limit anywhere for shopping for cash back or for any product purchase.

icici credit card limit Increase

Once you increase the limit and you got the success message then immediately the credit limit will get affected on your credit card. You just login to your iMobile app or go back to credit Card homepage and you can see you are updated credit limit.

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So here, I will give you the conclusion that we have successfully increased our credit limit from 70 K to 2.2 Lakh. Credit limit increase is completely based on bank offers and also it depends upon customer to customer. There will be many factors which will be affecting the credit limit enhancement or offers. Attached the official ICICI Bank link to check best options to Increase your credit card limit.

If you have any doubt or conclusion, please comment down below so that our form will give BASIC ideas or answer to proceed further on the issue. Also, we have shared our social media links below, so you can directly message with your concern or questions.

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