Best Password Manager: Top-5 Apps To Save Your Password

Best Password Manager: In the new wonder age, passwords are the first thing to protect against unauthorised access to our personal information/passwords. However, with an increasing number of user accounts and passwords, it is becoming very impossible to remember unique and strong passwords in any applications or websites.

This is why password managers comes to handy, which easily remember all your passwords and keep it safely with password locked. when it comes to: Password managers are applications which will store all your passwords securely in one applications, so you don’t need to remember them every time. In this article, we will see the no of best password manager applications available today in the market.

1) Introduction

Password managers are becoming popular in day to day life without any issue or problem, and for a good reason it happens. It not only make it easier to manage multi accounts, but they also enhance the security of your digital identity protection in today life. In this post/article, we will explore the best password manager applications available in today market and highlight the features that make them stand best in the market.

2) What is a Password Manager?

Password managers is a software application that securely stores and manages passwords of all your application login and websites userid & passwords. It works so simple to generate strong passwords and storing them it in a encrypted database of what ever applications you use. The user only needs to remember one master password for the applications they are using to store the passwords to access the password manager, which makes it easier to manage multiple accounts under one applications.

3) Why Do You Need a Password Manager?

Using a password manager has its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to save you password in a certain applications. First, thing it does is helps you create and store strong passwords that are not possible to guess. Second thing is that, it saves your time and effort by eliminating the need of remember multiple passwords in you mind which is not possible in human minds. Finally at last, it enhances the security of your digital identity by storing your passwords in encrypted database no matter what application you use that is difficult to hack in all man matters.

4) How Do Password Managers Work?

Password managers function will generate strong passwords and store them in encrypted database of the application you have choose. To access that passwords, the user must have to remember one master password for the application your using. The username & password fields are automatically filled out directly by the password manager’s when a user tries to login into website or application. Some password managers provide additional hacks such as like two-factor authentication to secure the password manager’s and password sharing options as well.

5) Best Password Manager Applications

The top 5 best password manager applications available in the market AND want to recommend you is listed below:

5.1) LastPass

LastPass is one of the popular password manager in todays generation which offers a wide range of features in it. It generates strong passwords, stores them in an encrypted database on the LastPass DB, and automatically fills the login credentials when ever is required as useful. It does offers you with two-factor authentication and password sharing features as well.LastPass

5.2) 1Password

When it comes to 1Password? is a password manager which offers vast range of features for every individuals and also with business needs. It generates very strong passwords, also stores them in an encrypted database, of 1passwords and allows it users to share there passwords with team members as well without any issue or problems. It also offers 2-step verification authentication with all this features this is also very good password manager.1Password

5.3) Bitwarden

Personally I use this Password Manager. Bitwarden is an open-source free password manager that offers best range of upcoming features for individuals and businesses as well without any issue. It generates strong passwords internally, stores them in an encrypted database of Bitwarden itself, and allows users to share passwords with trusted people or contacts only. It also offers 2-step/factor authentication and secure the password generated.Bitwarden

5.4) Sticky Password

This Sticky Password is a password manager that offers you with advanced security features in it. It generates strong passwords as usual like other applications, stores them in an encrypted database of the Sticky with security features, and it gives you the best of biometric login options in it. It also allows users to share passwords with trusted contacts and users widely used and has secure digital vault to store all sensitive information and important passwords.Sticky Password

5.5) NordPass

NordPass is also same as compared to password manager that offers advanced security features with all the applications in it. It also provides all the features as that of other top 5 application mentioned or listed in the above statements.Nordpass

6) Factors to Consider When Choosing a Password Manager

While choosing any password manager, keep these things into considerations:

6.1) Security Features

When it comes to security features of a password manager it must be very problematic to determine the passwords . Just check for those password managers that offer advanced with best encryption options, also comes with two-factor authentication, biometric login options if required in your case, and secure password generators as well.

6.2) User Interface

When it comes to user interface of a password manager should be very easy to understand and user-friendly to navigate anywhere with all the understandings. Look for password managers that offer easy and simple UI.

7) Conclusion

According to my conclusion, password managers are essential tools for protecting your digital identity in any case or scenario when it comes to this digital age. Which will make it easier to manage multiple accounts and enhance the security of your passwords very easily. The best password manager applications offer advanced security features and user-friendly interfaces overall my consideration of my understanding. You can consider these above mentioned points while choosing any password manager that meets your needs and feels easy to use.

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