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Vehicles Traffic Fine: People have a lot of trouble on where they can vehicle challan Fines associated with their Vehicle number. In this post we will see that how we can check Traffic fines/vehicle challan. This post will give your proper vehicle challan proof with images.

Vehicles Traffic Fine?

This post which I have written/put to check the traffics fines will only work for Bangalore region. We have other regions in Karnataka as well where we can check Traffic fines. If you have any Question, please feel free to comment downs so that I can take it forward.

Violation to Traffic rules will make your vehicle number to encore with certain charges such as not wearing helmet, defective number plate, breaking traffic signals, accidents, no parking and also speed over limit.

Step 1: Click on the link: Karnataka One and you will be redirected to this below-mentioned page. After getting this page just click on “ONLINE SERVICES

Check Vehicles Traffic

Step 2: Click on Police in the Categories of online services.


Step 3: A new windows will open. Select Pay Traffic Violation Fines and click on that to go to new tab.


Step 4: Here click on Avail Online and proceed further.

avil onlone

Step 5: Here we have multiple Districts. In this post I was talking about Bangalore so we will select Bengaluru.


Step 6: Here! you can see that Collection of fine for Traffic Violation is opened. Now in the Search Number option provide the vehicle number you want to check for traffic fines. Please check the below image if you have any concern. In my case I have provided the number where I was having fines on the vehicle number. Also, we can see that RC Holder Name and Amount is currently empty.


Step 7: Here you can that RC Holder Name and Amount is currently filled as we have fines on this vehicle number. Now, at last you can see the View Digitab Violations Image Just click on that.

  • Note: If you see RC Holder Name and Amount empty even after entering the vehicle number that means your vehicle number don’t have any traffic fine.
  • Sometimes, due to server, failure or server issue, the fine will not be visible here. So make sure to crosscheck with traffic police if you have doubts on that.
  • Please remember that this is not Karnataka government website where each details I have mentioned is as per government regulations, I have done all my findings and I am making this article based on my experience.

Step 8: Once you click on View Digitab Voilations Image. You can see the details of where the fines have been charged on your vehicle number. If you want to see the image than click on View Image for proof.


Step 9: You can see all the image. I have attached my vehicle images just for proof.

Daily people break traffic rules, and they will not be aware when and where this violation is done, and they need some assurance or proof of violation of traffic rules than you can follow these above steps for more clarity and assurance.


YT Video To Check Fines!


Bangaluru is metro city and people here have more traffic challan on their vehicles number. The main agenda of this post is to check the traffic fines which is imposed or occurred on your vehicle due to traffic violation.

If you want to check your vehicle traffic fines on your mobile phone you can follow the above steps. If you follow the above steps clearly then you can see the traffic fines/vehicle challan on your vehicle number.

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