Top 3 Best WordPress Themes for News Articles & Blogging

WordPress Themes: These are the three themes which you can use for news blogs in today’s time, I have told you about the free method and also about the paid method for customizing. Also told the option of this is available in all the themes, you already have many themes but that is what I have experienced.

WordPress Themes

If you want to start with basic wordpress themes then you can likely prefer Astra, Blocksy and few starter themes which are easy to customise and learn more on wordpress.

If you are already familiar with wordpress and you have used multiple themes and want to switch to different theme, then you can consider this below themes which are Best for any kind of article writing or blog post.

wordPress will give you a lot of starter templates and themes for free in the wordpress theme menu, and if you don’t want to use that, then you can go with NewsMatic and Foxiz theme. The Generatepress theme is already present in WordPress themes library. You can start as free trial.


NewsMatic: The theme on number three is named NewsMatic. It comes both free and paid. I have used its free version. It is quite fast. Many customized designs are available in it. If I can tell you about its templates. If I show, here you will see that there are many news templates which we can use in our WordPress news blog.

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As you can see this is also free and also paid, look here and you will see that this is a free template which we can use here, if I When I open it, I will see its design is quite good which is available in WordPress for free. For More Info About These Visit Site!

Newsmatic wordpress theme

Anyone can go to WordPress and install it and use it and if we talk about its paid version, then its price of $59 is available for a single site and if we talk about it, it is like $29 i.e. $129. You get its license for the unlimited side which we can use, with absolutely premium features, so I would recommend this theme, it is at number three in our list, which you can use if you search for free as well!


GeneratePress: The theme for the news blog is GeneratePress. In GeneratePress, you do not get any such design directly, like the templates of news blog, but we will see it here as we can customize it as per your wish. You can do it and it comes both free and paid, but the customization feature in it will be available to you only after paying money, that is, it will not be available for free.

It is a premium version. If we go and see its pricing, it will be available at $59 per year and $249 lifetime. It is available as per your requirement in which you will get one year updates and support.

If you want to buy it for lifetime then for $249 you will get lifetime updates, lifetime support and can use it for abput 500 websites, then it is from GeneratePress and once we install GeneratePress, we will take the premium for it. So there are many libraries available here.

WordPress Themes

The biggest purpose is that it is a very fast site and a very low light weight theme which is used by almost like people who are coming into blogging. If I talk about them, then it is upto 60-70% people use this theme for their blogs & articles.


Foxiz: The theme that is going on is Foxiz Theme, you must have seen it on TajaTimes site, they have customized it very simply but people customize the team in very different ways because there is no limit of customization in this, you can do it in any way.

You can design the template of your block and use it. How to customize the theme and a big thing if you need it, you have to purchase its license key.

Foxiz WordPress Themes

If you decide about the pricing of the theme then its price starts from $59 and the biggest thing is that it comes only for one site, so even if you buy it, you can start it for only one site.


I am telling about them and I have experienced and used them, so I find them to be the best, most reliable and very like search engine friendly theme in which all the latest like version codes are used which is light weight. They load very fast and support every feature of the search engine.

For which one do you like, you can tell us in the comment. If possible, I can help you also, but if you want to buy. If you want to start a news blog then definitely you can choose from this.

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