Block Debit Card: HDFC Bank Debit Card block in 5-Clicks!

Block Debit Card: In this article we will show you how to block you HDFC bank debit card by visiting HDFC online banking. If you lost or damaged your credit card, then you can block your debit card to avoid any spam or unconditional transactions also, you will be safe from debit card fishing. If you block debit card, then only you can apply or renew for new HDFC bank debit card.

If it comes to your financial transactions, don’t trust yourself or anyone else in this world. Become your own person to safeguard yourself.

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Block Debit Card ?

Reason you to consider blocking your debit card. To name a few:

Not able to locate: If you have lost your card and you’re not getting it then it is pretty much recommend recommended that you can block your card for any future or authorised transaction.

Fraud: Suppose you got an unknown call and due to some reason you have been fished or manipulated or by mistake had your OTP or any other transaction then under circumstances you have to always prefer blocking your hdfc debit card.

Damaged: Your debit card may not function properly, or it may be compromised if it is damaged. It is better to block the card in this situation and ask for a replacement. Please don’t throw your card before blocking it.

HDFC Bank Debit Card Block

Here are the steps to block your debit card under any circumstances are problem mentioned above. Make sure you follow all the steps and if you want to re-issue your card, then you can select in the next step to get new card at your registered address.

Step 1: Visit HDFC bank net banking home. You can directly click here! to go to HDFC Bank homepage.

Step 2: At this page, you have to provide your credentials such as username and associated password if you don’t have, then you can also use your mobile application to login and block your debit card.

Block Debit Card

Step 3: Click on cards option as listed in below image.

block debit card

Step 4: In the left-pan under the debit card option, you can see Debit card Hotlisting options. select and click on that.

block debit card
hdfc bank

Step 5: If you have multiple debit cards in this page you can see that. Please select the debit card which you want to block and move forward.

block hdfc bank debit card

Step 6: Provide a valid reason why you want to block the debit card. we have 4 options to select by default. select any one-off them!

vlcsnap 2023 04 04 17h14m29s783 1

Step 7: At this point you will see 2-options to choose as optional.

  1. Reissue: In this option you will get the same card as before, but the only difference will be that your card number will be changed.
  2. Upgrade: In this option you will get option to change to different card (like master, Rupay, Mastercard etc.). Also, you can change to different versions of cards such as: Business Card, Platinum card etc.
hdfc debit card block

Note: Suppose if you forgot to select reissue or upgrade option here, then no worries. You can later place new order for your debit card. Coming to upgrade Offer. It is not applicable for everybody because if HDFC bank has offered debit card upgrade option then only you will be eligible. If not, you can’t upgrade it.

Step 8: Depending on the option you will select; you will be redirected to the page and will be able to block the debit card.

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Debit card blocking will help you to save your financial or legal transactions which will be helpful for your fraud or any unauthorised transaction on any e-commerce website or ATM. If you have anything more like to add, please comment down.

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