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SQL Course: The most popular used query language in history of data manipulation and selection. I will walk you through all the things which I understood and learnt from this below course.

I will thank these two sites which was very much help full to understand this SQL concepts, Complete SQL Course Mastery by MOSH, SQL Bolt and W3Schools. Most of the concept is based on these two-sites and also, I am using the SQL Database files offered by these sites to learn most of the concept with less amount of data.

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#1 Installation & Intro

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What is MySQL?

DATABASE? A database is a collection of data stored in a format that can be easily accessed. In order to manage our databases, we use a software application called database management system, or, DBMS. We connect to a DBMS and give it instructions for querying or modifying data.

SQL Course or SQUEL Course is the language that we use to work with these relational database management systems. Find link to install and details about MySQL and Workbench!

SQL Course

The DMBS will execute our instructions and send results back. Now we have several database management systems out there, and these are classified into two categories, relational and non relational, also called NoSQL.

In relational databases, we store data in tables that are linked to each other using relationships. That’s why we call these databases relational databases, each table stores data about a specific type of object, like customer product, order and so on.

About Advance SQL Course?

Certainly! Let’s break down what you’ll learn from that passage:

  1. Fundamentals IN Relational Databases & SQL: Will gain better understanding of how relational databases functions/work and the also the role of SQL (Structured Query Language) in managing data within these kinds of databases which we deal in day-to-day life.
  2. SQL Syntax and Commonly Used Commands: You’ll learn the syntax for writing SQL queries and become familiar with common commands like SELECTINSERTUPDATE, and DELETE.
  3. Data Retrieval from Single and Multiple Tables: You’ll discover how to retrieve specific data from one or more database tables using SQL queries.
  4. Filtering, Sorting, and Aggregating Techniques: You’ll explore techniques for filtering data based on specific conditions, sorting results, and performing aggregate functions (e.g., calculating averages, sums, etc.).
  5. Table Creation and Modification: You’ll be able to create new database tables and modify existing ones by adding or altering columns.
  6. Data Integrity Constraints: You’ll implement rules to maintain data integrity, such as enforcing unique values, primary keys, and foreign keys.
  7. Advanced SQL Operations: Dive into more complex SQL operations, including subqueries (nested queries) and joins (combining data from multiple tables).
  8. Optimised Query Writing: Learn how to write efficient SQL queries to improve performance and reduce execution time.
  9. Database Design Principles: Understand database schema design and normalisation techniques to create well-structured databases.
  10. Database Security: Explore strategies for securing your databases, protecting sensitive information, and managing user access.

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Vickey Rajpoot
Vickey Rajpoot

Hello there! I'm dedicated Microsoft Data & AI Engineer at LTIMindtree, where I thrive technology into actionable insights. Dive into my world by visiting my YouTube channel & Webiste, "Kingfisher Tech Tips".

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