SQL ORDER BY Clause | Querying Data from Single Table

ORDER BY Clause: You can use the ORDER BY clause in SQL to sort query results the way you want. Let me break it down for you.


Say you’re a college professor, and you need to print a list of your students in alphabetical order. You can do that easily with a simple query and the ORDER BY clause if you have the student data in a database. For more!

Here’s another example with a numerical column. Imagine you’re a sales manager, and you have a table called sales_performance in your company’s database. The table has columns like sales_person_id, name, territory, total_sales_value, and joining_date. You want to see a list of salespeople, ordered by their ID number from low to high.

1. This query is used to filter data based on alphabetical or number wise or accessiding or decending order (see 1st query).

2. We can always use arithmetic operators in the select clause and get the result as shown in 2nd query.

3. Note: The 2nd query is only applicable for MySQL, it might not work from database servers.

SQL Example 1:

FROM customers
ORDER BY state ASC, first_name DESC;

SQL Example 2:

SELECT first_name, last_name, 10 AS points 
FROM customers
ORDER BY points, first_name;

SQL Example 3:

SELECT *, quantity * unit_price AS total_price
FROM order_items
where order_id = '2'
ORDER BY total_price DESC;

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