EPFO: Find Your UAN Number In Few Simple Clicks!

Find Your UAN Number: Suppose you don’t have your real number and you want to check. What to do? You can follow the posts where all Required details such as how to get your UAN number and also in other post mentioned below you can also find like how to change your email ID and mobile number in your UAN number.

Steps to Find Your UAN number?

To get your UAN number the things which is required is pan number Aadhaar number mobile number e-mail ID and Aadhaar registered mobile number as well. make sure the details which you provide on the EPF portal must be same which you have given for your employer for the first time to create the account.

If you’re not aware of the details or don’t have details then you can directly search on EPFO portal to know better as per this below step. If you want to have more details about this, then there is an embedded YouTube video link of my channel. You can directly watch and proceed further to get your UN number within simple steps..

STEP 1: Search for EPFO in any Browser, click on the UAN option as you can see in below image, or you can use the below link.

You can directly search on Google or also click on this link so that you will be redirected to members passbook on EPFO portal.


STEP 2: Above link will directly redirect you to this below page and click on this “Know your UAN”

As you can see In the below screen that I don’t have UAN number and password but at the bottom you can find no you are UAN option which is highlighted in the red draw line. Just click on that and proceed further..

find your uan

SREP 3: Put your Mobile Number (Registered with employer) and validate using OTP as shown below.

find your uan

STEP 4: Put Required Details to validate your identity:

  • You can use your Aadhar Number to validate (My Recommendation)
  • you can use your PAN Number to validate your identity
  • you can use your Member ID to validate
  • Select any one option and fill the Captcha to proceed further!
find your uan

As mentioned above, please make sure you provide all the details which you have given to your employer while creating the account for the first time but if you’re not aware then to you can provide your other details and date of birth and your name and also EPFO for portal will give the list of results to pick your account.

STEP 5: At this option you will get POP-UP on your screen with your UAN number (in my case its hidden)


Now here in the last step you can see that I have received my user ID and you will get a confirmation message on your registered mobile number with this user ID or UAN number. Now this particular UAN number can be used to login into your members passbook. Also, you can check your account passbook and PF details. If you want to make some any changes in the PF Account portal, EPFO portal will help easily do it with this user ID or UAN number.

Watch for more!


UAN number is the most confidential data which you have. So, in this post I have shown you how to find your UAN number. And suppose if you don’t have your UAN number mentioned somewhere then you can also check your salary slip for your UAN number.

If you have any doubt or concern, please comment down below and also if you require any help additional help, you can directly reach us on our social media handles which is provided in this post.

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