Create Databases for MySQL Course?

Databases for MySQL: The sample database contains all the data required for our complete MySQL course. This is just sample data with very less or few number no of records but trust me this enough to learn all our SQL concept.

Databases for MySQL

In this article there is nothing much to discuss but as per below images and snaps you will get idea on how this database is settled on MySQL server.

We have 4 different database and related tables are present in that, as you can see in below screenshots.

Databases for MySQL

Create Sample Database

Step 1: Download the sample script file from this link: MySQL Course Material DB which will be helpful throughout the course. If you want to check out the MySQL default sample database, then you can visit the MySQL site!

Step 2: Copy or directly open the file in azure data studio/workbench and then execute it. In my case as you can see, I am using Azure Data Studio to import all my database. If you use any other application apart from this then also you will see the same database and tables associated to it.

Databases for MySQL

Step 3: Don’t make any changes in the script file, once all the SQL command is successfully executed, then you will find the 4 database details (hr db, inventory db, invoicing db and store db) and we have successfully installed Databases for MySQL.

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